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To be a valued consultant with management knowledge and partnership interests.


To be a quality venture partner & add our management expertise, Aksh can offer its services to the industry in the areas of:

  • Building on its recognized expertise in its core sectors and activities and developing new expertise in technical fields with promising growth opportunities.
  • Use its financing capabilities to enhance its competitiveness in major and minor projects.
  • Use its technical expertise and financial capabilities to develop and acquire infrastructure for production and manufacturing.
  • Liaise with and leverage the international network it has built up over the years for creating a global presence

Aksh is dedicated to helping clients understand the intricacies of various consulting services that are available today. We firmly believe that each client requires a special personal attention for a unique need. This need can never be duplicated. The combination of academic and professional experience allows Aksh to develop a balanced approach to fulfilling all the necessary financial, management and technical requirements of the client.

Aksh is able to provide optimum project management services at costs that are affordable and within reach of anyone. We aim to form long-term partnerships with our clients working to optimize processes and maximize productivity with value added results. Aksh can execute projects from the concept stage through to successful implementation and work with clients to select the best method of project delivery. In deserving cases, Aksh can also become a strategic and operating partner in the growth of the client for an overall impact.


Aksh offers its services in the fields of:

  • Process Development
  • Project Management
  • Venture Capital, Finance Management, Minority Stake Holding
  • Scale up of process plants
  • Chemical and Stoichiometric analyses in its laboratory
  • Expansion of existing businesses
  • Set up Laboratory and put up a quality control system in place

In short, Aksh can:

  • Identify and offer a permanent solution to a problem.
  • Make recommendations regarding optimum plant and machinery and laboratory equipment.
  • Offer Business Solutions and innovative technical solutions
  • Soap technology· Edible Oil technology
  • Fatty Acid esters
  • Bulk Solids Storage Silos
  • Chemical Storage
  • Commissioning of Chemical Plants
  • Process Improvement & Optimization
  • Total Project Management
  • Pilot Plant facilities
  • Process Management
  • Business Development Over and above,

Aksh can also undertake the responsibilities of testing for chemical correctness, quality, and specifications as an extended service. In time Aksh plans to have a pilot plant for scaling up laboratory operations to a bench scale before the production goes commercial. Aksh has been inside a close network of professionals in various fields for a long time.

The reason for these affordable costs is the networking that allows the right professional to be utilized at the right time and specifically for the desired purpose. The overheads therefore are very low as there is no need to carry the costs of holding these professionals together.

You can email us at: customercare@akshindustries.com


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