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With its policies and principles in place, Aksh can provide valuable links to others in making new entries or expanding into other sectors. Aksh sees others as partners in its success. There is thus no competition for Aksh! Only partners!

American Chemical Society http://www.acs.org/

Buyer's Guide for Chemicals http://www.buyersguidechem.de/

The Chemical Industry http://www.neis.com/

ChemExpo http://www.chemexpo.com/

Chemical Management & Resources Association http://www.cmra.org/cmra/

Chemical Resource Databases http://www/chemicalweb.com/chemicalweb

Chemical Week http://www.chemweek.com/

Material Safety Data Sheets http://www.its.ilstu.edu/chemsafety/msds.htm

MSDS's on the Internet http://www.msc.cornell.edu/helpful_da

NACD http://www.nacd.com

National Paint & Coatings Association http://www.paint.org/

Perceptrix http://www.perceptrix.com/

Polysort http://www.polysort.com/

Rubber & Plastics News http://www.rubbernews.com/

SPI, Inc. http://www.socplas.org/

Vermont SIRI MSDS collection http://haz1.siri.org/msds/

WWW Chemicals http://www.chem.com/

Yahoo !- Chemicals Company http://biz.yahoo.com/news/chemicals.html

Chemical Industry www.chemicalindustry.com

Brazil Chemicals www.brazchemicals.org.br


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