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Following are the industry general application guide and final applications of these products vary with varied needs of the customers.

Capric Acid Industrial use in peroxides perfumery, in making several esters.
Caprylic Acid In perfumery, making of fatty esters and as emollients.
Caprylic Capric Acid In manufacturing of Triglycerides, perfumery,high quality esters, textile, cleaning compounds and pigments
Castor Oil In alkyd manufacturing , a raw material for of complex organic derivatives, in pharmaceuticals, paints and coatings, polishes, waxes, cosmetics and paper coatings.
Ceto Stearyl Alcohol Super fatting agent in skin creams, lotion and hair care.
Cetyl Alcohol Super fatting agent, in skin creams, lotions, and hair rinses.
Coconut Fatty Acid Manufacture of chemical ancillaries, for textile and other industry, also used as a super fattening agent in soaps and alkyl resin manufacturing and household cleaning and soap industry.
Dehydrated Castor Oil In a unique drying oil, used as primary binder for house paints, enamels, caulk sealant, and making varnishes.
Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid Used in alkyl resins, surface coating , in high solid alkyds, acrylic and epoxy esters.
Glycerine In pharmaceuticals , cosmetic, organic derivatives , emulisifier and emollient manufacturing
Hy-Dienne In paper manufacturing process.
Hydrogenated Castor Oil Emollient and secondary emulsifier used in making industry soaps and greases.
12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid High hydroxyl castor based wax, investment casting , as a wax ingredient.
Lauric Acid Making of Lauric Acid soaps , in personal care as in making emollients , esters, and in industrial uses in peroxides, in latex and gloves, in resins, ancillary chemicals , cosmetics in general.
Methyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate In textile ancillary, industrial greases, paper industry and in cosmetic industry.
Myristic Acid In cosmetic industry,fatty esters, in making derivatives for use in personal care products like creams and lotions.
Oelic Acid In compounding metal working coolants, in oil field technology , in textile auxillary , in carbon paper manufacturing , in light color lubricating greases and in cutting oils, in fatty esters and organic derivative manufacturing.
Palmitic Acid As in fatty esters, in making shaving foams, cosmetic formulations and palmitic organic derivatives wax formulations and candles.
Ricinoleic Acid In soaps , surface coatings, textile , rubber, vinyl polymers
Soap Noodles In manufacturing of very high quality soap bars, cosmetics, high gloss.
Soap Powder In making liquid detergent, household products, and industrial lubricant.
Stearic Acid In rubber , cosmetic, textile , in making metallic stearates, stabilizers, water proofing, grease and lubricant , paper manufacting , candle colorants.
Stearyl Alcohol As a fattening agent in cosmetic formulations, in making esters and organic derivatives.


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